2016 Presidential Election Results Live: How to Watch Online


On Nov. 8, millions of Americans will be glued to their TVs to see the outcome of the bitterly fought battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president.

But this year, election day coverage will be available more ubiquitously than ever on internet platforms, including on the two biggest video players — Facebook and YouTube — without the need for a TV set at all. Scores of other online outlets will be trying to grab their share of eyeballs, too. Twitter, for example, is hoping to build momentum in its live-video push by carrying an exclusive election-night broadcast from BuzzFeed, marking BuzzFeed’s most ambitious live TV-style production to date.

The glut of online options for following the biggest night in U.S. politics stands to peel some of the audience away from TV, which in years past has been the go-to for up-to-the-minute election results. Younger audiences are particularly at risk for tuning out TV: Millennial voters (18-34) said they were 86% more likely to turn to online sources than TV to learn what others thought about the first presidential debate, according to a Google-commissioned survey conducted by research firm Ipsos Connect last month.


That said, many of the partners for the two big video platforms are actually TV networks, hoping to either provide supplemental coverage on digital or incrementally monetize their television feeds. Here’s a rundown of the 2016 election day coverage plans on different platforms:


WATCH LIVE: Decision 2016: Election Night LIVE November 8, 2016 6:30 PM EST