Setting Yourself Up For Success On Facebook Live

  • Always announce when you will be going live before your broadcast. It’s important that followers know when you are going live so they can schedule to watch your broadcast. Sure, they can watch the archived video later, but they will lose out on your live experience if they aren’t logged into Facebook at the appropriate hour.


  • Be time sensitive.  It is important to analyze when the most users on your page are active to host a broadcast. Many people will be working from 9 to 5, so it’s probably best to go live when it’s easier for the masses to be logged into Facebook.


  • Ask viewers to receive notifications when you go live. If you plan to do regular broadcasts, it’s important to make sure your viewers opt-in to receive notifications the next time you go live. This will serve as a reminder to your loyal followers, but also ensure you engage your most valuable audience every single time.


  • Be descriptive. Write a detailed overview of what you will be discussing in the description of your broadcast. This will intrigue users to tune in, and also inform them what they can expect so they stay engaged for the entire broadcast.